Surfing Rentals

Learning to play with the power of the ocean is one of the most stimulating experiences you could ever have. With a full range of long boards or foam boards and your Vaayu surf instructor by your side the waves are waiting for you to come over and play. Your instructor will guide you through the easiest and safest way to get up on the face and reeling down the line by our Vaayu center. Go ahead and grab everything you need from our extensive selection of surfboards and accessories.

Surfing Rentals

There are few things in life that beat the feeling of hopping in the ocean with your surfboard and paddling out to catch some waves with your buddies. Surf the river mouth directly in front of the Vaayu center or explore the many reefs and points in the area. Depending on the time of year, the swell can produce anything from 2 foot reeling points to head high and overhead barrels. Choose from our quiver of brand new boards where there’s something for everyone.