Bringing Life back to the Prakti Tribe

beach clean ups In focus this week is a Vaayu initiative to protect the ocean and biodiversity of Goa. As the daily functioning of the center has become more organic in nature, we now have turned our energy towards expanding elements of Vaayu such as the Prakti Tribe. Last week, was the third beach clean up of the season. With a team of seven, we took on the little peninsula out in front of Vaayu. Half an hour in, the team had collected about 8 large bags of trash and pretty much swept the area clean. But the Prakti Tribe wants to do more than just beach clean ups. We will be celebrating this year’s Earth Day with a daylong event at the center. Local businesses, organizations, and individuals who share this passion are invited to join in to brainstorm and develop plans to collaborate in protecting the environment. Word is there will even be surf rentals at half the price to remind us how much we love the ocean.

Learning To Fly

Learning To Fly While I might not be able to fly just yet, I am well on my way. A year ago this time I was just starting out with a small trainer kite on the beach in Goa, looking out longingly as I watched my boyfriend and his friends do crazy kite loops.. .where time just seemed to stand still for a few moments. I know I probably will never be as good a kitesurfer as the people I watch on youtube, but that’s ok because for now that 30 seconds to a minute thrill I get when I power stroke my kite just right and I am shot out across the ocean waves is enough. And some day, some day soon I will be able to fly, to jump high and look down at the beauty below. And that my friends is the day I am waiting for.