Invited to Goa in November, 2014 to be an artist in residence with the Vision Collective Artist Residency Program, Sachin has been floating about the streets of Goa for the past month observing life, soaking in inspiration, and leaving behind distinctive Driftian traces. As if spontaneously, walls in and out of people’s homes seem to be sprouting mysteriously minute Red Doors or suspended whale-like forms. The idea behind ‘Migrating Whales and other Stories’ was triggered by the casual observation that Goa more than most other beach-destinations has a number of mothers, among its tourist population, either pregnant with child or with their new-born infants in tow, (perhaps the natural birthing centre in Assagaon has something to do with this) while the idea of migrating, shifting populations is integral to Goa’s ‘seasonal’ rhythms. The show brings together photo and video documentation of Drift murals as well as pen-and-ink drawings on fresh banana leaves and paper, all of which was produced while in residence. Besides this the exhibition will also show some older vector-based print-works and giff animations. Migrating Whales and other Stories illustrates Drift’s artistic process as one that is entrenched in its contexts – whether in its engagement with community or the landscape it occupies, and one that seeks to strike a balance between traditional modes of expression like drawing or wall art and contemporary tools like computer-based interfaces, vector drawing and digital projection.

Drift – An Exhibition