1) Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you initially got into art and music?
    My name is Keenan. I am from the west coast of the US and I am 23 years old. Creating has always been my source of inspiration and purpose, ever since I was a kid. I initially got into art in a very natural way. Mostly just doodling on my desk and skipping class to go hangout in the art room at school. In high school I was focused mostly on art, while at the same time, having a growing appreciation for music. I didn’t start playing with creating music till after high school, although my love and appreciation for the sonic arts was very strong my entire life. After high school, I took art quite seriously and made a bit of a business out of it. At the same time, I was becoming more and more inspired by music. Splitting my time evenly between the two. In the past few years, I have started to weigh my focus and attention more on music. It feels natural to me to balance things that way. Lots of opportunity and inspiration has blossomed with the sonic arts and I foresee hat continuing to be my main focus and trajectory into the future.
2) Tell us about your role here at the Vision Collective.
    At vaayu, I offer my music at events and play sets every so often. I use the space as a work environment that also feels like a home and a community. India family.
3) Can you tell us about your creative process, what is an average day in your studio like?
    It’s been a bit different here because of the different environment. But, a normal day back home looks like – Starting off with a morning practice of some sort, making some breakfast and a morning beverage. Hopping into the studio for about four hours before taking a mid day lunch and nature break. After that, I’ll usually get back into the studio for a few more hours till around 5/6pm. The morning is usually my most inspired work hours. Either that, or later at night.
    As far as the creative process, that always changes for me. Pretty unpredictable. I try to have different seeds that spark the initial idea, like a sample I found or a melody I write. That is followed by adding a bunch of ideas/layers to that initial seed, which creates a natural flow towards creating a more and more complete piece of music. Usually creating lots of layers and ideas, then removing the ones that don’t serve the sound best. Layering and refining until it feels and sounds right.
4) Do you have any long-term goals or aspirations for your work? What’s a dream project for you?
    I want to produce an album that can be played by a electronic/live band. I’d like to tour an album that way.
5) Is there an ideal start-to-finish time for a song?
    The main idea of a track (80% of it), will take 3-4 weeks. Then usually another month or two to refine it to 100% completion. So roughly two months to finish a song completely. But I usually work on a few tracks at the same time.
6) Do you think your music reflects your personality in any way?
    Yeah I think so. I’ve heard people say it it suited my calm personality.
6) Where do you seek inspiration from for your music and art?
    Really everything is a factor towards the inspiration for art I create. Mostly, I’d say I get inspiration from other art/artists and music/musicians. When I hear a song that I really connect to or feel inspired from, I will sometimes use the inspiration from that song to start a track. Nature is my second biggest inspiration.
7) would you ever consider creating back ground scores for films? Are there any particular stories/genres of film that you are drawn to?
    I have thought of that, and would be open to it. Although, I am mostly drawn to making albums and playing them live. I could see myself making a film score when I’m older.
8) Tell us a little bit more about the geometric patterns you use in your work, do they contain concepts or ideas that you are trying to convey?
    The relationship I have with the geometry and designs is quite simple. I have just been drawn to design style artwork, symmetry, shapes and geometry. Plus the idea of fusing that with organic, nature inspired elements.
9) Any artists/musician (living or dead) you would like to have participate in your art exhibition?
    Not really, I’m too critical of my creations to want to show them off to my inspirations at this point.
10) Is the aim of your work to instil any particular beliefs in the audience?
    To evoke inspiration in others
11) Where would you like to see your art and music if it could be presented anywhere, or on anything?
    I’d like to start moving toward design work on the art end of things. So id love to do clothing design, album artwork and things like that. As for the music. I’d like to just grow my audience more and more. Creating a fan base that’s looking forward to new music. Sharing it via the internet and touring sounds great to me.
12) Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?
    There is no need for attention at the start. If you love to make music, onit for yourself and refine your sound. Analyze your inspirations and take notes form them. Don’t make decisions based off money. Stay curious. Be the observer, and trust the process.

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