Kayaking – Fun and Invigorating Sport

Humankind. in the current era is surrounded by technology 24X7. Tight schedule and ‘work like machine’ lifestyle demands timely breaks. The best getaway from this busy life is to spend some time in the lap of nature. The mighty seas and the long twisting rivers draw a lot of affection from nature lovers. There are various adventures that master the waters and Kayaking India is one of them.

Kayaking is a popular water sport originated from Arctic regions. Today it is an established water sport and many adventure enthusiasts enjoy its benefits. The best part of kayaking is that it takes you places and allows you to experience and explore nature. There are varied types of kayaks like polo, surf, slalom, white-water, etc. Within these classifications also there are many levels of performance which further divide the models of the kayaks. One is the cockpit style kayak and other is the sitting-on-top kayak.

Kayaks are also a great means of transportation when engaging in other sports, such as wilderness exploration, scuba diving and fishing. If you are a first timer it is important to go ahead with an instructor who can guide you through the waters. As a beginner you might not get the technique in the first few attempts but as you move ahead you start understanding the methods by which you can control your Kayak. It is an addictive sport once you learn to steer the kayak in your determined direction. Kayaking India has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. If you want a taste of the adrenaline rush of this sport, you must plan a trip to Goa.


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    […] Kayaking India has recently gained popularity and has been taken up as a recreational activity.There are only a few destinations of white-water kayaking in this country – Rishikesh, Ladakh, Meghalaya, North Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra – Kolad, Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar etc. There are many course clubs in India where kayaking is being imparted. The kayaking India courses would focus on developing the basic skills and to practice in white-water with the safety of kayak professionals. The best time to Kayak is in the summer and winter; expect the monsoons where the waters are harsh. […]


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