Miles “Telos” Toland was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1990. He received his BFA in painting and video at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington. Miles identifies with the Greek word, “telos,” which means the ultimate purpose or aim. He explores the purpose of the human experience and conscious existence through his works of art. Themes of this exploration are surrendering to the moment through music and dance, letting go of fear and doubt, spirituality, finding the beauty in the mundane, non-linear time, and the pineal gland as represented by the pinecone.

“Driftwood” is inspired by the journeys of discarded and wandering pieces of scrap wood that become weathered with stories and defined by the elements. The unique shape and material of the panels inform the composition and content of each painting. The figures in the paintings melt into and emerge out of the wood grain to depict a sacred union with nature. Form fitting geometries provide a harmonious structure to the figures and reveal a glimpse of coexisting realities that often go unnoticed. Miles has chosen to paint the members of the Vaayu Waterman’s Village of Goa, India. They are water sportsmen, environmentalists, musicians, and artists who embody the spirit of creation and love for nature.

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