Are You a Good Match for the Vision Collective Art Residency?

The Vaayu Vision Collective residency is best suited for visionary painters and drawers, street artists, video sculpture artists, and installation artists that use natural materials. Mediums that are not well suited to our outdoor gallery and environmental context are photography, computer designed art, dance, performance art, and conceptual art.

The Vaayu Waterman’s Village is a DIY family style watersports community by the beach in North Goa, India. Our niche in Goa is accurately known for its weird, wild, and wonderful global community of psy-trance lovers, spiritual seekers, yoga detox-ers, young travelers, water sport enthusiasts, full power party people, self-centered vacationers, smoking babas, sun gazers, artists and musicians, costume clothing designers, permaculture nerds, lazy chillum smokers, and LSD flip outs. Therefore we attract Artists in Residents who are tolerant of these people and who can maintain a healthy balance amidst the various energetic influences and invitations. Patience is required for Goa’s slow lifestyle but a driving motivation and self-reliance is even more crucial to succeed in our residency. If this sounds like a good match so far, then read on art warrior.

Vaayu’s Vision Collective’s Artists Residency Program

The Vaayu Vision Collective embodies the gallery, studio, and arts community within the larger Vaayu Village in Goa, India. Vaayu supports a lifestyle comprised of water sport adventure, eco-consciousness, creativity, and fun!

Our Mission

Vaayu Vision Collective (VVC) strives to provide a culturally unique, healthy, and inspirational experience for the Artist Residents. We are co-creating a community for the visionary arts that will nurture the creative and professional pursuits of our Artists.

Welcome to your new home! VVC provides the artist with a Goan style living space, utilities, kitchen, laundry machine, bathroom, drinking water, wifi, and private locker space.

Create in a community workspace: Make art in two open air rooftop studios of your choice. We have an ocean side gallery workspace above our surf shop or the rooftop oasis at your home nestled in a palm grove. We also provide a noise friendly construction area equipped with a growing tool selection.

We will help you produce an exhibition! Create a solo or group show at the VVC Gallery depending on how long you stay and the quantity of artwork produced. We do our best to promote our Artists with a press release, newsletters, flyers, signage, and Facebook networking!

Network in India: The VVC is connected to other art venues, practicing artists, festivals, and events in India that are available to the Artists who wish to network and participate.

Play in the water! The Vaayu Adventure Center offers the Artists free access to some of the finest water toys in India. These include surf boards, SUP’s, kite boards, kayaks, and boogie boards.

Costs and Finances: The Artist must pay for their transportation to Goa, art supplies, food, and personal cell phone. Gallery sales will be split between 75% to the Artist and 25% to the gallery. The 25% gallery commission goes directly to supporting the VVC Residency Program.

Give Back: We ask that each Artist gives back to the community by designing a VVC limited edition T-shirt, or leave behind one art piece for the VVC’s private collection. Help keep our beach safe and beautiful by joining our regular community beach clean ups!

Applying is Easy!

Fill out the Artist Residency Application, submit a Bio, Artist Statement, CV/Resume, and digital portfolio of 10 of your most representative and recent works.

Vaayu is now accepting applications for the Vision Collective’s Artist Residency Program Season 2017-2018. Application deadline is August 1st.
Please email Jill or Nandini at for the application and questions regarding the program.