Our Vision

The Vaayu Vision Collective is a collaborative support system for artists to develop, manifest, and communicate their visionary work. Our principal intention is to nurture the arts and encourage a transformational experience in our communities.

Our Mission

The mission of the Vision Collective is to facilitate the creative and inspiration process.

Who We Are

The Vision Collective is Indian based community that aims to make art accessible for the purpose of transformation. The Vision Collective strives to provide a culturally unique, healthy, and inspirational experience for their Artist Residents. We are co-creating a community for the visual arts that will nurture the creative and professional pursuits of our Artists. The Vision Collective embodies the gallery, studio, and arts community within the larger Vaayu Village in Goa, India. Vaayu supports a lifestyle comprised of water sports adventure, eco-consciousness, creativity, and fun! It is Vaayu’s mission to build a sustainable business and build a community that benefits society as a whole and acts as a platform for long lasting environmental conservation projects. The Vision Collective acting as a community of support through Vaayu wishes to use its creative talent to create immersive experiences that inspire positive transformation in both in the individual and the community.

What We Do

The Vision Collective is focused on supporting creative expression. We do this by acting as a platform for artists to show and sell their work as well as work collaboratively to create experiences in spaces for art like galleries, festivals and for inspired individuals. Although our focus is on assisting the rediscovery of the Visionary Art art style in India, we are thrilled and excited to begin supporting other forms of expression and art.

Our History

The Vision Collective ’s first years of operation were focused on building a community of creative artists through our artist residency. Our original goal was to create a platform for visionary art in North Goa, India. We wanted the Vision Collective to grow organically over the years as the community of artist we worked with grew and as we developed community-based art projects to facilitate inspiration. Having an on sight studio on the Vaayu roof top we provided our artists with a space to work in and connect with the community. The VC Gallery has hosted over 30 group and solo shows by artists like Miles Toland, Shane Heath, Harshvardhan Kadam, Sachin Shetty and Kennan Branch to name a few. We created opportunities to share the process through live art events, workshops, talks and documentary screenings in the gallery space. This year we finally started a homegrown art and music immersive gathering called ‘Origin Stories’, which we hope to explore in the coming years.

Future Plans

The New Artist Residency Facility:  With the support from the Jnana Foundation, the program has the opportunity to expand on the work we have done. The artist residency recognizes the need for artists to feel inspired and hopes to facilitate the creative process among all of the artists who take part in our residency. We believe art can create important cultural change and facilitates the expression of the individual, which in turn gives voice to the human condition.
In the near future we will be setting up a larger residency, build, and events space further inland of the current Vaayu. We have identified land some affordable land close to the current property. The residency would have 10 rooms ideally, a digital design space, music studio, workshop, art gallery and workshop space.

Apply Now

Vaayu is now accepting applications for the Vision Collective’s Artist Residency Program Season 2017-2018. Application deadline is August 1st.
Please email Rahul at for the application and questions regarding the program.