Sunset Meditations -Tuesdays from 5:30-6:30pm,300 Rs per person
    Join Viriam Kaur for regular Meditation and Mantra at Sunset in the Vaayu Lounge.
    Sundown is a perfect time for inner contemplation… Viriam will share meditations from the Kundalini tradition and sacred mantras (sometimes with live music), as well as Gong Healing, Yoga Nidra or acive meditation and dance… it will all depend on the energy of the day.
Kundalini Yoga Workshops at Vaayu
Viriam Kaur is hosting a series of transformative yoga workshops at Vaayu. Each workshop will be experiential using yoga, meditation and sound healing at its root. On occasion she will be joined by Anatomy Teacher Adam Divine. Workshops are suitable for all levels and pregnant women are welcome.
Chakra-vation – 1000Rs per person
    Explore the energy of your chakras – the key to your own healing. Rather than have a ‘workshop’ – let’s have an experiential playshop using yoga, meditation, crystals and intuition… Let’s connect to our chakra energy and our healing wisdom.
Goddess of Yoga (Yoga and Ayurveda for Women) 1000Rs per person
    Yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic wisdom to combat stress. In Ayurveda there are three distinct body types (doshas) – we will look at ways each dosha experiences stress and then use yoga and meditation as a way of bringing awareness to our stress triggers. In order to dissolve stress, the ultimate remedy is learning to take responsibility for it – we can choose how we react to stress.

How to be a Conscious Consumer Workshop and Beach Clean Up:

    This Workshop is on how to we can be a conscious consumer. How we as individuals can cut down on trash, dispose of our trash, and choose wisely in our journey of consumption.
    As a being on this earth, we will and do consume things to live…so this workshop will discuss how we can set out with the intention to transition our consuming patterns to ones that have a more positive or neutral impact on both the planet and ourselves.
    Following the Workshop we will do a small beach clean up to honor the beach and develop a better understanding of the fact that there is no such thing as away when we say just throw it away.
    Please come and bring your friends all our welcome.